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I was only 15

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I was only 15
We were out one day, no cares at all,
We were going to and fro, just having a ball.
When suddenly from no where,a truck came our way,
We didn't have time to say good bye,or even time to pray.
This couldn't happen to me, you see im only 15,
God couldn't be taking me now,there is so much I haven't seen.
So many friends and family, that depend on me,
My dad, my mom and my little sister Amy.
I couldn't believe God would take me from the ones that I love,
But maybe the reason I had to go, is so they would want to meet me again above.
For you see God has a devine plan for all our lives,
All the good things, and even the things that cut like knifes.
So for the ones that are left, please dont let your tears flow like showers,
For you see, he gave me three exra hours.
Three hours to make myself right and clean,
So im in heaven, and it doesn't matter, that was only 15.

Please don't weep for me.I only wished all of you could be so blessed.I love you and I miss you.I will be praying for you.

Christy Lane Brown
This is dedicated to Christy Lane Brown.From the Bogle Town Church of God.She was a blessing to be around.She was always smiling and had a sparkle in her eye.We are glad to have met her, and we are glad she was apart of our lives.